An unforgettable night with my bestie Jacinta! Amazing night, JT, You made Us rock our bodies forsure!! 👌👯🎉💁🎤🔊🙌Love this gorgeous man!! #bellcentre #justintimberlake #2020experience #worldtour2014 #jt #summer2014 #concertnight #goodvibes #amazing #loveaffair  (at Centre Bell)

An unforgettable night with my bestie Jacinta! Amazing night, JT, You made Us rock our bodies forsure!! 👌👯🎉💁🎤🔊🙌Love this gorgeous man!! #bellcentre #justintimberlake #2020experience #worldtour2014 #jt #summer2014 #concertnight #goodvibes #amazing #loveaffair (at Centre Bell)

DEBT : The Good, the Bad & the WAKE UP Call

Mylah is “IN” and she speaks :

Hello fellow bloggers & readers! Yes, I know its been yet another long while but life has been ‘crazy busy’ (for lack of a better phrase). I have been finally keeping myself occupied this summer with working, hanging out with my boyfriend of almost 4 months (I know! yay me right?) and spending time with friends and family. The craziest part of all of this is the fact that its that time of year again… ‘HELLO SUMMER 2014!’ Welcome to Canada since June 21st. It has been a great summer thus far with the amazing weather and things I have been doing like going to my boyfriend’s soccer games, the beach, cafés, lunch dates and all but boy do those things act your wallet. Summer tends to be my most expensive time of year and this year, in all seriousness, I have been hit…HARD! 

Furthermore, I am bringing this topic to light because I know that many people are ashamed, embarrassed and/or naïve to their financial struggles and I for one was one of them until I met with a financial advisor at my bank and realized, I cannot pretend that its not there nor that it can stay that way!  My debt is sadly in the early thousands and I am aware that most of my debt is school and medical related which are expense I consider GOOD debt. This money has been invested in both my academics and my dental care (orthodontics) which in my opinion, is a debt that should have been dealt with ANOTHER way but all in all, its a honest debt. 

However, my personal expenses such as my cellular phone, mini shopping sprees but GRAVELY my dates with my friends tend to get a bit on the pricey side in which yes, I am fully declaring as BAD debt. This debt has gone to some major splurge moments in which I have finally realized : MYLAH, YOU DONT NEED TO GET ALL BIG SPENDER SOMETIMES! These debts seriously do break my wallet and I have spent the last month feeling so sickened by my crazy spending that I am SERIOUSLY breaking this cycle NOW!

I have not only realized that I need to start paying close attention to my spending, but I must destroy and abolish this debt and keep my spending at a manageable range. I cannot afford to live lavish on my pay check let alone come september when I am back at school full-time, in a brand-new schooling style, career-oriented and scaled back pay checks again. Someday when I am engaged to be married, then I can focus on lavish spending… for my wedding haha.

But in all seriousness, as of July 2014, I am changing my habits immediately and being as frugal as possible on all things I once did and my main goal this summer is to pay down this large personal debt and breathe ALOT easier. Good debt does exist but one must make a decision to properly determine what is good from what is bad in their given situations. I know I am greatly blessed for living at home with my parents and not having to worry about crazy major expenses so I have no excuses for racking up such large personal debt. I must make the change now!

My final thoughts on the matter : Spend wisely, not foolishly! Do not let debt way you down, manage yourself! 

Cheers xo,

Stay tuned, Ill be back to blog soon!!!

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Single parent living : A Closer Look

Mylah is “IN” & she speaks :

Hello Hello All!

Happy almost Summer 2014!

The weather here in my beautiful city of Montreal has been pretty good to Us. A few cloudy with chance of real down pour but hey, no complaints because the most wonderful thing is currently happening : NO SNOW! YAY!

SO, in reference to the topic at hand, I decided to fill you all in on my outlook of single parent living because it is a subject that has taken place in my life and I would like to briefly address my pros and cons to it and my overall statement and feelings towards the matter. Now, I do not believe this is the most ideal way of living with all the crazy situations that transpire from this lifestyle; from maturing into a beautiful and well rounded male or female to enduring the utmost hardships and triumphs that take place without the other parent present can be very traumatic, overwhelming and at most saddening. I for one grew up with just my mother at home. My father was around and I was very close with both my grandmothers who helped raise me. I can respectfully say that I love living with my mother and she is by far the most tremendous and strongest person I know. She had me at a young age and has never once steered me wrong and still to this day continues to have my very best interest at heart and partakes in taking care of me. My father on the other hand, we are not as close and have a very strained relationship; almost close to non-existent but yet I still feel that I am a stronger person for being in this type of family-type situation. 

In regards to the lifestyle of single parent living, besides the cons previously stated, one must obviously consider if the parent is deemed ‘fit’ to have a relationship and let alone engage in a bond with their child in regards to more extensive matter (i.e different types of abuse, wilful absent parenting). In my case, my father was very much apart of my life up until I was 11.5 years of age when our relationship became distant when I had resided in Toronto for 5 years. The relationship has for sure deteriorated since I have returned back to Montreal and its just been ‘hell-bent’ since. 

The pros however to the single parent living is naturally to not have any cases of abuse and neglect present around the upbringing or ever for the child but more so the child ( I was lucky) to have other members of the family and close friends take part in my life as often as possible. The lacklustre relationship with my father of course did some extensive damage but I believe that I am still truly blessed that I have had many people who have entered into my life that have stated and those who came and went and as I look at it, served a purpose for that window of time to help me cope along the way. Today I can say that though I would love for things to be different with my father, I am at a place where I can handle day by day remembering that having a relationship is a two-way street and showing any signs of abuse will NOT be tolerated period. 

Single parent living definitely has things to take into account whether good or bad but I strongly feel, that lifestyle is far from the worst and I truly believe that anyone that has endured that is a stronger individual because of it. I know I am.

This was tough for me to discuss with you all but I feel this venue allows me to express my deepest feelings and lets others know they are never ever ALONE in any circumstance and ultimately someone cares for the other and vice versa all around this beautiful place call Earth.

STAY TUNED, now that its just at the cusp of summer, I should be blogging away more! No excuses! Happy reading, blogging, take care xoxo.

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For the Habs, congrats & great match last night; had to show my support! Lets beat these Rangers Next & take it all the way ! #teamhabs #canadians #canadiens #habs #gohabsgo #subbanfanatic #redbluewhite #workflow #selfie #cute #spring2014 #byebruins #bostonbruins #habsforever #montreal

For the Habs, congrats & great match last night; had to show my support! Lets beat these Rangers Next & take it all the way ! #teamhabs #canadians #canadiens #habs #gohabsgo #subbanfanatic #redbluewhite #workflow #selfie #cute #spring2014 #byebruins #bostonbruins #habsforever #montreal

Keep Calm & Move On, Staying Optimistic of course

Mylah is “IN” & she speaks : 

Hello fellow bloggers and readers, 

Its official ! Schools out for Summer!! Exams are done now bring on the hopefully summer festivities and of course workflow so to speak! I am literally relieved that schools is out simply because I can now take this summer to engage in some real soul searching and R&R which believe Me, is oh so much needed. This semester back at university after taking the fall 2013 semester off was really life-changing and bittersweet. I went in with high hopes and left feeling defeated yet knowing their is more in store for me and that God has plans for me that will work itself out in the end. For those who have read my previous blog about my saga in my academic endeavours, will know that I still remain to have a strong passion in journalism and had applied for the journalism program offered at my university and unfortunately got rejected due to better competition. In any case, I did feel the pain from the rejection e-mail but realized that despite the outcome, I will be okay, I have great supporters who believe that I will make it and be successful no matter where I end up.

I have decided that I will still keep hold of my journalistic dreams by blogging much more this summer and so forth and to pursue trade school studies as an Administrative Receptionist come the end of August and continue my academic journey on another path. I pray that this opens all doors for me and maybe who knows, I can be interning at the Gazette or Elle Canada some day starting as an Administrative Secretary and moving on up (ah the dream) ! Will see! For now, I am content on enjoying my summer, staying busy working and spending time with my boyfriend, my friends and my family and of course keeping you guys posted on the upcoming POV pieces and personal entries I have in future!

On that note, take care & tune in again soon!

lots of love xo; 

Mylah is “OUT” !